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Well I am from Kansas City so you may have found this blog thinking you are getting thoughts about our beloved football team’s recent run for the playoff’s. Nope, though I do have some thoughts about it, I will save that for another day.

I was re-watching the Bury my heart at wounded knee HBO movie and a phrase really caught me. It was deeply touching for me as my wife and I have been to Wounded Knee on several occasions and our hearts broke to see the poverty and hopelessness on the Rez. Here is the quote.

Chief Red Cloud: Sitting Bull is a great leader. I believe this, no matter that the whites see us men all as the same. But he did not sit with us in the council those many snows ago when our reservation was made. He did not sit with us in the next council when these borders that we were told were like marks in stone were moved. And the Black Hills and our hunting lands were taken from us. Sitting Bull might have had his say, but such was his suspicion of the whites, such was his pride. I say today for all ears within hearing that if Sitting Bull had spoken the way he speaks today, I would not have touched that pen. I will not touch your pen to your paper. I will not touch it to your red paper, I will not touch it to your black paper. The white man will not see my mark again on his paper for the rest of my days on this earth.”

In the movie the Sioux had just been offered a little more money for the land of the black hills and Sitting Bull steps forward with a voice. His history had been unwavering resistance to the western expansion of the Blue coats. That wavering stopped when the frigid cold of Canada had broken his people, and they returned to wounded knee to hang on to life. It appears his inner fortitude had been compromised in the eyes of many as he sold his autograph and traveled in a circus like atmosphere with Buffalo Bill.

That day would be different, it would be the Sitting Bull that had become a memory larger than life. He was back. It was the words of Chief Red Cloud that would echo through time with as a warning to us all. Here are my thoughts as I hear his words.

We live in a nation where we that have been around for many moons REMEMBER the buffalo. We remember the freedom of owning nothing, and nothing owning us. We remember the days of war and the value of peace. We remember the old ones who told stories of another day, a day even greater, a day where eyes saw things, and places no eyes had seen before. Those days are now a great story never told, seldom remembered. Where are the Old Chiefs, the old story tellers? Let them return with the buffalo.

If you stumbled on to this, and you are disturbed or maybe a bit confused with the political races early 2016. Maybe the Nations is longing for a great Chief to rise up, who cares more about saying NO, enough is enough, than yes to the autograph and the circus.

If you stumbled on to this, and you are christian who is disturbed or maybe even confused with the condition of the church. Maybe the church is longing for a great chief to rise up who cares more about saying NO, enough is enough, than yes to the autograph and the circus.

Obviously Jesus is the ONLY Chief, and only He can fix all our problems. This movie stirred a question in me, What if?



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