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Something is stirring in China and it is not good timing with the Olympics starting in a few hours. In Kashgar just a few days ago Islamic Jihadists killed 16 Chinese police officers and wounded another 16. You can check out the story below.



Threats have been made and Muslims have been warned not to attend the Olympics you can read about that below.



I normally do not pay close attention to the Olympics but several friends have called me and asked if I heard about the killings in Kashgar. Knowing I had been there several years ago they thought I might be concerned. I have combed the web and have come to the conclusion we should take the warnings serious and pray. I found not only the land but the people and culture beautiful. I might confess I was a bit scared being in Kashgar during Ramadan.


Kashgar is a hub on the Old Silk Road, a Islamic center in China. The province around Kashgar, borders Tibet to the south, Russia to the north, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India. The population is made up of mostly  Uighur, which are Muslim.



I was part of a small team on a prayer journey along the old silk road better called a vacation. While in Kashgar we stayed at the Seman hotel, “the old Russian consulate.” We went as far as the Pakistan border and had 7 flights in 11 days and found the country amazing. Of course my stories cannot be told but my impression is that these extremist must be taken serious.  


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