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I have the greatest memories in the world. The best ones revolve around my grandmother Leona Willis. She’s been gone for some time now but the memories are fresh. The long drive down 71 highway from Missouri to Mena Arkansas couldn’t be over quick enough. Busting through the door I would find grandma with Her apron on cleaning the flour off Her hands just in time for the worlds best hug. She would precede in telling us kids how much we had grown, then giving us the tour of presents under the tree and all the goodies she had cooked. She always reminded us that Polly the old three legged coon hound was getting old and be carefull playing to close to Her. Then out would come the Lincoln logs and we would build while grandpa Ira would settle into his favorite chair and start to play the fiddle. Every year like clock work He would stop, lean over and hit coffee can with a ping as he wiped the spit from His chin he’d say ” Ya’ll from Kansas city, let me play ya some them Kansas city blues.” Boy do I miss those Christmas’s and what things I remember. If the razorbacks made a bowl appearance, well then, the whole world came to a stop, while we all made our way into the front room, oh it was cold in there. NY Yankees and the Arkansas Razorbacks there was nothing finner to grandma than those two teams. That mild manored woman would come unglued just let the ref make a bad call, She would give Him the what for.

Here I am today watching my beloved tigers play grandma’s beloved hogs. I revolved in my mind today such stories and at the end of the day though I have been sick with a fever recovering from malaria it was awesome just awesome. Grandma was a christian and something tells me that in heaven today She was cheering on Her Hogs. Sorry grandma, We got this one.   Congratulations MU   Cotton bowl champs  


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I live just about one mile from the Missouri Kansas state line in Kansas City. We shop on state line and Tigers and Jay-hawks insignia are sported on most every shirt. Lots of comments are made and I personally look forward to the semi friendly jesting.

I think we all know this year was amazing for both our teams of course last weekend gave us Tiger fans a smile that we can’t wipe off. It has been over 100 years since the boarder wars between our states. Do you know where MU got its Tiger nickname? It can be traced back to the Civil War period. Guerilla’s had been raiding small towns, and the big town of Columbia prepared for an attack. Home guards banded together to stop a rumored plan of attack by bloody Bill Anderson. They fortified the courthouse and built a blockhouse in the middle of town and waited, but Bill never came. People saw how quick they pounced into action without fear and called them the Tigers. Missouri’s football team started in 1890 and picked up the name. This year Chase Daniels leads the Tigers and has the heart of one as well, Go Chase.

Interesting enough considering the history of the name, coach Gary Pinkel describes Chase Daniels as “Battlefield Commander”. The Big 12 named Tigers Quarterback Chase Daniel the Big 12 Offensive Player of the Year.

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