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Paul tells the church in Corinth that they had many instructors but He was their father. When I first read this years ago I remembered the words of Jesus ” Call NO MAN FATHER.”  I had heard all the things we protestants say about using that term for priests as if it is OK to call our natural dad’s father but not our spiritual fathers. I think it is the heart of man, Jesus is addressing. Man exalt’s their spiritual fathers above the throne of God and His leadership.

1 cor 4:15 For though ye have ten thousand instructors in Christ, yet have ye not many fathers: for in Christ Jesus I have begotten you through the gospel.


The word used for fathers is Pater which means “father of the corporeal nature, natural fathers, both parents a more remote ancestor, the founder of a family or tribe, progenitor of a people, forefather”

I don’t think Paul would describe himself in such a way without the Lord leading, lets look at fathering in the way it relates to the church today. I believe it is a place of relationship not Lordship.

The Modern Example

Ronald Dale Gross
Ronald Dale Gross

Ron Gross is my Dad, my Father, my mentor. Dad has been a pastor for well over 50 years all of which has been with the Southern Baptist. When I came back to Christ at 21 years old out of a life of drugs and alcohol I needed a radical walk with God to match my personality and makeup. I was always a radical, good or bad wanting to take things to their ultimate conclusion. Dad Knew that and actually encouraged me to attend a charismatic church giving me permission so to speak to venture out and build my own history with God.

Dad not only had a 4 year college degree but 3 more years at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. When I began to preach without the degree Dad never gave as much as a hint I should do it the way He did. When I began to respond to the call to the nations Dad never said to me you are married and have kids and you need to stay at home and preserve your life. He actually gave financially to every trip even though He and Mom lived a modest lifestyle.

Dad had almost nothing in common with His dad yet He never argued or pointed out where His dad was wrong. Me on the other hand the radical maverick I am have always challenged my dad yet could never push Him to the place of stopping to relate though I am sure He has been tempted. I say all that to say this, my son is now 30 and had taken my sin walk in the world to a new level and is now taking His walk with God to a new level.

David on the Guitar
David on the Guitar


I am so proud of Him as He has finished up track 2 of the night watch at the International House of Prayer. He has been signing and playing both the guitar and drums with different worship teams as well as being involved with an inner city ministry.

I have learned many things from my dad yet only recently have I concluded He has been quietly mentoring me for years by His silence. I now strive to mentor my son with silence as he tests his wings, the more I pray and the less I say the more He soars.

prv. 17:9 He that covereth a transgression seeketh love; but he that repeateth a matter separateth very friends.

I have heard it said “He who fathers well has been fathered well.” Jesus was Fathered well and after He covered our transgression by His own blood He confessed our righteousness to His father and said to us “greater works shall you do because I go to my Father.” I think that defines a true Father desiring their children to do greater works than them. I believe Jesus was talking about serving the needy under the annointing of Holy Spirit not building empires.

So how does that relate to the church today, well for weeks now I have been listening to all the “Fathers” release their discernment on Todd Bentley and the lakeland revival. My position is, covering a transgression DOES NOT MEAN COVER IT UP, but to cover the person with love and with prayer. It is not a time for gossip or to sell your product or toot your horn or say I told you so. Take heed lest you fall, please lets cover the fallen with prayer and mercy and ask the Lord to release grace for healing and restoration.

I have studied church history for years and power gifts resting on weak and broken vessels bring a premature end if not fathered well. Then let the real Father’s please stand up. Take your position of silence of accusation and vocal in prayer.

If you study church history you will find those who trumpet the sin of other’s have their own they are hiding, but blowing the trumpet is their own uncovering.

The lessons are obvious they speak louder than us, the uncovering has begun and will continue. We are in the midst of the greatest national shaking, I have ever seen, we are truely in the last days, and the last day fathers must rise up.


Well at least a couple of years are passed I am now 50. My Dad is still preaching at over 80 and my son continues grow and find His own history in God. Many things are changing in this world and all creation groans waiting for : well I think a big part of the waiting is for fathers to FATHER.  God give us Grace


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It was my third trip to Uganda and I was working with a small team from Kansas city also working along side missionaries Dave and Ruth Christian. Todd and Vicki Bennett had asked me to mentor their son and He was along on our journey. Vicki had explained that Steven was very gifted and bold but needed to learn some restraint and self control. I asked Her to give me an example of something that had happened with Steven and She did.

She explained that the year before He had been on a mission trip to India and had an incident that caused some attention. We all know the place that cattle hold in India and that they are seen as holy and walk freely through the landscape. Well Steven could not figure out what all the fuss was about and decided maybe He would bring a little excitement to every-ones day. Ride the holy cow, holy cow, Steven what were you thinking. Here it is captured for your enjoyment.


I said yes and from then until now not a dull moment. Steven has been around the world under my watch and I have to say His parents did great job raising him along with his siblings. My journey with Steven started with a slow down and learn to use the rifle instead of the shotgun. What I mean is He would be all over the place when He would preach telling everything he ever had in his head. I got him to stick to the topic and keep driving it home and in few days it was amazing what God was doing with him. On one occasion we had soccer balls we had been giving out in Christians schools and a Muslim school heard about it and invited us in to do a little motivational speech to get the soccer balls. Steven was up as the speaker and we were not clear with him on what the Muslim school was allowing and being the fearless one, he just gave them the gospel and an alter call and 8 Muslim students came forward to be born again. You can not imagine the frenzy that followed believe me, we were not asked to stay for dinner.

Apostle Paul said one time to follow me as I follow Christ. And I absolutely and not worthy of that comparison I just want to say that Steven has followed well and that has made him a leader. I just released the spiritual apron strings and Steven is on his own leading worship and about to be married to Samantha “Sam” Carpenter a wonderful girl. Though I will miss Steven tagging around the globe with me I am so excited to see where the Lord takes them as soon they will become one flesh. Steven I am proud of you this is your hour remember your history, wisdom is your friend and zeal is your companion. Finish well my friend.

If you are older and have a little wisdom to deposit in the next generation don’t pass up the opportunity. If you are younger full spice and vinegar and seem to have your share of trouble ask the Lord for a mentor. It is in my heart to see those I father spiritually go farther than myself. The older I get the more I get it. Hey here are a few more pictures of Steven around the globe to stir you up in the faith.  






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